Another Chapter in…

And so it has begun…..a new chapter in our never-resting lives 🙂 Always something new, somewhere else, somehow different….never boring that’s for sure! For several years it had been mentioned, always lurking in the distance..something that could and most likely would happen eventually…

The lady of the house travelling back and forth, year after year, month by month, weeks at a time…from London to the US, Singapore, Costa Rica, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Panama..and the list goes on. Yes, it gave exciting air miles, hotel points and free car rental days, which in turn provided amazing holidays in the US and elsewhere. But jet legs and suitcase life were taxing at the same time.

No more…for a year at least 🙂 The second ‘home’ is now located in St. Paul, MN. A beautiful apartment, especially from the point of view as compared with our ‘Hobbit’ place in the UK. Situated right outside the first 1/2 of the Twin Cities, cocooned in between the hills surrounding St. Paul, nestled right beside the mighty Mississippi River, with a cooking island (!!!), aircon (with 95+ Fahrenheit really a must!), indoors parking (useful for Minnesotan winters…. -20 to -40C not unusual…), and inviting green parks surrounding this all…

For a week and a bit this ‘daddy’ was able to come along to the US and lend a hand in setting up the new place. Furniture was moved around, Ikea flat packs moved in, picture frames and arts received their specific places, and boxes were unpacked. All in all a place one really could now call ‘home-from-home’ 🙂

It will be quiet in Wooburn Green, even though the cats will demand their attention nonetheless, and my choice of music can now be played none stop for the time being… But ‘only’ 8-9 hours there is a second home I will love to come ‘home’ to, and for sure this ‘daddy’ will count the days….and in the meantime keep you updated on the happenings in ‘hobbit’ town…


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