Sometimes it Takes a Mountain…


I face(d) a mountain,
That I never faced before
That’s why I’m calling on the Lord
I know it’s been awhile,
Lord please hear my prayer
I need you like I never have before.

Sometimes it takes a mountain
Sometimes a troubled sea
Sometimes it takes a desert
To get a hold of me
Your Love is so much stronger
Then whatever troubles me
Sometimes it takes a mountain
To trust you and believe
These are the lyrics from a song written by the Gaither Vocal Band and in this uncertain time it speaks to me. A virus has taken hold of many of the folks of this earth, and its not in our control who gets infected. We can do our bit and stay vigilant, isolate ourselves when not feeling well, or having been in contact with someone from a country where the virus is going around, taking the advice of people much smarter than us. Keep our distance, and don’t put ourselves in situations that could potentially be dangerous.
At this time I particularly think of all those folks that already feel isolated. The elderly and sick. The little contact they may have had is now also reduced to zero.
On Facebook this little slip is going around, to show neighbourly love. To offer help. A very sweet gesture and if I were home I would certainly also spread that in our own neighbourhood. Truth is, I am in the US. Flights are now greatly reduced between the US and the UK and I don’t know how long this will take. I feel a little isolated myself, although this is at the moment the better place to be.
I look around the shops and see panic has spread. Not just toilet paper is gone from all shops, but also vitamins, anti -acids, aids to help the immune system, Advil, pasta, rice etc. We are our own worst enemy, as once this panic starts its really hard to stop. What if you are genuine the one that is in need of toilet paper but now can’t get any!
Or what about hospitals and care homes that have anti bacterial on back order, as its completely out in the stores. Those folks still have to do their jobs and now take the risk as we panic.
Sometimes it takes a mountain, to trust and believe that there is a God who cares for us. It may not seem like it, but He is there. His love is so much stronger, and will carry us through this period of uncertainty and hurt. Even though the churches are closed, He hears us if we call on Him wherever we are. In times like these, I am glad He is on my side. I can face whatever is coming my way, and will deal with whatever happens. I know He gives me strength.
He will give you strength too. Sometimes it takes a mountain…..

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