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Being a christian in a science world can be hard…it has led to many questions and led to me doubting my faith and everything that I thought I knew. My experience really started when I left for university for my undergrad degree.

Moving hours away from my parents (I studied in Bangor, Wales whilst living near London) meant that I would be far away from my parents and my church. It was the first time that I would be living out of my parents house, so not only would I have to adapt to  living on my own but I would finally be studying something that I have always had a passion for, knowing that it would be difficult.

I remember one of my first lectures so vividly, it was an introduction to the course and an overview of what the module would be teaching. I knew going in that there would be a lot of evolution but what threw me was that the lecturer in a class of 500 said ‘those that believe in creation are stupid’. I know I was not the only christian sitting in that room…I felt personally attacked.

Yes I believe in creation but I also believe in evolution. I don’t think that we all come from monkeys but there is evidence of microevolution and theres no denying that! What irritated me was that the lecturer had no respect for other points of view. It tainted my opinion on scientists…However, after speaking with dad that evening I realised that not all scientists would think that way…I was now a scientist and I wasn’t like that!

Yes I am one of the rare few that are christian in a scientific world. A world that teaches us to question everything and only believe something that we can see or undeniably prove. This contradicts the christian part of me…the part that blindly believes in something that we cannot ‘see’. Would I change either side…no! Absolutely not!

My scientific side has taught me so much. How to question things, how to prove things, how to argue my point, and it has opened my eyes to all the wonderful things on this planet. My christian side has also taught me a lot though. It has taught me that I am never alone, that I am always loved, no matter all my mistakes, and that there is hope in my darkest days. I am a miracle baby, science couldn’t understand how I came to exist, but here I am…26 years old, healthy (ish…) but alive and well.

Do I have all the answers? No. Do I still question my beliefs every day when science makes so much sense? Of course! But I also believe that you can’t grow in your faith unless you are tested. Not everyone will get tested in the same way…For me my journey isn’t anywhere near being done. But I think its important to be a christian in science. It has given me a whole new perspective on life and made me very open to new thoughts and ideas. Lets see what the rest of my life will throw at me…no doubt there will be plenty of questions! One thing I know for certain…my faith and science do not contradict one another…they go hand in hand and help me understand things in a deeper level.

What about you? Are you a christian in science? What’s your experience? And if you’re not a christian in science…what do you struggle with in your daily life? And if you’re a scientist…have you had to deal with any christians in science…and if so…whats been your experience? Let me know in the comments or message me privately!

~ The more I study science…the more I believe in God – Albert Einstein ~

Science is a Gift

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  1. Knopper April 5, 2018 / 12:46 pm

    Hi, Mel Je hebt het weer knap geschreven, mits ik alles goed begrijp, want ik ken een aantal woorden niet, maar ik begrijp de strekking. Wel ik kan je zeggen dat ik als Christen in een science(wetenschappelijke) wereld leef , alleen is het zo jammer dat de wetenschappers niet Begrijpen dat zei de kennis van GOD hebben gekregen, dus ook zouden moeten begrijpen dat er een GOD is die alles gekreerd (gemaakt) heeft, maar daar dacht jou leraar in Bangor niet aan Denk je ook niet. Maar Einstein zag het op het eind van ze leven toch nog en gaf GOD de eer dat hij zo’n geweldig verstand had. Oké Mel nu heb jij het misschien moeilijk, dat je niet alle woorden kent vraag dan je Pa om het te lezen wat ik schrijf. het is met mij vaak zo dat ik aardig begrijp wat ik in Engels lees, maar ben niet altijd zeker of ik het goed begrijp en twijfel dan vaak aan m’n understanding do you understanding that, ha,ha, Hoe gaat het verder, heb je werk of ben je toch aan study. Nou ik hoor wel wat je er van vind, Groetjes , opa Wim

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


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