A word often used in the Bible to indicate rest… although a quick google shows that the translation is not really known. It often occurs at the end of a verse in the Psalms… 

I like that interpretation… at the end of a verse, rest… at the end of a week, rest…. and that is what Mel and I did. While Geert is away in Spain drumming his heart out at the Youth conference ( we went on a Friday evening sunset cruise on the St Croix river.

We had a moment to pause and take in the beautiful rock formations, against a beautiful sky which had just cleared after a down pour. The paddle boat pushed us gently down the river, quite a novel experience! We saw a couple of bald eagles, such majestic birds. The family sitting next to us asked what we were looking at and so enthusiastically taking pictures of. They may not understand how lucky they are to have bald eagles in their state. Their white head and tail sticking out against the green of the trees.. it never ceases to amaze me. And it always reminds me of 2 things: the eagle story in the Bible as told by Moses in the last phase of his life.. when Israel is once more reminded that God is watching over us, but at the same time teaches us to fly… and of my husband who so beautifully can recount that story…

We also so beavers, just as the sun was setting and we were munching on tacos with salad. At least, that is what we think they were. Big animals sitting at the side of the river, taking occasional dips in the water. All so peaceful.

Even though the family next to us on the table had probably had a little too much to drink and were quite noisy, for us this was a Selah. A rest point in the week and the beginning of a beautiful Sabbath.

Below some pictures, although these never do any justice to the scenery… maybe you need to come and enjoy this yourself?

3 thoughts on “Selah

  1. daddygeert August 6, 2017 / 12:44 pm

    Love your ‘painting’ with words 🙂
    And the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Caroline August 6, 2017 / 1:19 pm

    Stunning breathtaking! & thanks for youtube link 🙂

  3. pa August 7, 2017 / 9:39 am

    Heel mooi Mir. zowel je schrijven als ook de foto’s, ik vind het heel fijn voor jullie om zo de sabbat rust in te gaan , want in de natuur ben je dicht bij GOD
    Maar wat een voorrecht ook voor jullie om die bevers te zien en ook die Bald Eagle, klopt het dat wij die hier de Zee Arend noemen gezien je beschrijving met dat wit aan kop en starrt.Nou geniet er maar van en maak de ouwe maar jaloers, goed bedoelt natuurlijk

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