Man shall not live by bread alone….


Right….it’s all unpacked and either on the shelf or in the fridge… Time for a quick update on this side of the pond…

About three weeks ago I ‘mounted’ my flight back to the UK, leaving wife and daughter behind….and with that their love and skill for cooking and baking. For little over a week I enjoyed the fresh oven baked cinnamon roles, pancakes, rice with beans and mince, meals out and meals in. One last meal would now appear without any effort from this man….the plane meal…. For sure it would not feed him indefinitely for this coming year…

The lady of the house, in her wisdom and because of her love, had made sure that the polar area of the UK house would provide…the freezer! If no one ever erected a statue to celebrate the life and genius of the mind that invented the freezer, now would be a good time! Various surprising meals so far have pleased the taste buds of this man! But nothing could beat a fresh meal of course….one that was created from (almost) scratch and needs pots and pans on a stove to see the light! So, three weeks into this mutually decided ‘solitary’ life, it was time to hit the road armed with several shopping bags. No longer could fridge and freezer please this poor soul…

It felt like a man on a mission….as almost always it used to be the lady instructing this man to come along or buy the listed products. Now having to decide my own menu it almost felt like walking inside this shop was like going to battle with a plan! The easy way would be to go for ready made meals, supported by sweets and crisps, and topped with HD (Häagen Dazs) ice cream … But he was strong (this time…)….and the trolley soon was filled with the multitude of colours of apples, peaches, iceberg salad, peppers, mushrooms, fresh bread, Dutch beschuit, yoghurt, noodles, spaghetti sauce…and for emergencies beans in tomato sauce (baked beans) :-). The wife would have been proud, and what’s more, would have even more loved the flowers that later adorned the living room table…

So, the stomach is calling, and the hour is right….time to cook my noodles in Chinese sauce 🙂 Will try leaving some pics later to colour in the imagination…

DaddyGeert for now signs off!

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2 thoughts on “Man shall not live by bread alone….

  1. Els June 26, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    Ik ben natuurlijk heel benieuwd of het je goed gesmaakt hebt. En gezien de hoeveelheid producten dat je opnoemd, kan ik je voor meerdere dagen “Eet Smakelijk” wensen. Goed gedaan jochie 👵😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maruca June 27, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    I’m proud of you my brother.


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