Mystery Call

It happened! Our first phone call!!!

Full excitement we picked up… as we don’t actually know our own home phone number, we were a little cautious though…. “Hello?” “This call may be recorded…. are you ok with that miss?” UHHHHHMMMMMM… The first cold call???

Not every first is always so exciting. In a new place, the first phone call, the first mail, the first meal, the first night in a strange bed. Life is full of adjustments! With all that comes the good and exciting and the not so good and exciting. We keep on smiling and take each day as it comes.

We are blessed with beautiful weather, so we have managed to leave lots of footsteps along the Mississippi river. We have sampled the little restaurant a stone throw from the apartment. We have cycled to the farmers market, grocery shop, rented a “redbox” dvd and are looking forward to our first camping trip. Those are certainly the exciting things!

So… in case anyone wants to call us… or send us a letter in the email… send us a message and we will give you our details.. For now… we will be a little careful picking up the phone 🙂

Also if you want to see more of our adventures from these first couple weeks then check out our first vlog on youtube. ( Subscribe if you want to be notified of our upcoming posts and leave us comments!! We love hearing from you!!!


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