Week 1, back to reality

Monday came around way too quickly, and the first day of a “Minnesotan” at work started. It feels strange knowing that this is now it for a year… No more balancing of suitcases with all the treasures always found (why does America always have such nice things… I just want to fill my house with all of it…. and why do I live in a Hobbit house in England!) ….. no more deciding what to leave in my locker at work (as who needs to bring back shoes when you can bring back French Vanilla Coffee creamer!). Instead, my locker is now empty… it actually has space for my coat and handbag.. I guess that is what they intended it to be used for!

In the mean time, Melody and Geert went around exploring…. cycling, sight seeing, studying in Starbucks, Christian book store and Mall of America all received a visit. They have been busy! Melody’s little space is now her own, cosy, with the shells we bought in the Netherlands.

And before we knew it, Friday came around…. A final week day to spend together before Geert goes back to church life in England. So, what better way to spend this, than to do some more sightseeing… We had seen the documentary of Prince, and were eager to see what Paisley Park looks like in real life… Not quite what we had expected. It’s on a busy through road and looks like a factory. I guess you can best describe his house as “an eccentric place for an eccentric person”. Unique and wonderful and weird all at the same time. and also way too expensive to just pop in for a quick visit!

Time to fill our own minds with music…. as we had tickets to Joyful Noise 2017, a festival of Christian music. Jordan Feliz, Big Daddy Weave and For King & Country were singing. What an experience to see 18000 people together joining in with singing. Particularly sobering to hear a 6 year old sing all the lyrics to the songs we could only hum (and the lyrics on the screen were really quite small). One of the wonderful things in America. People are not ashamed to let anyone know they are christian!

Below some pictures of this last week. Let the weekend begin!

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2 thoughts on “Week 1, back to reality

  1. Robyn June 11, 2017 / 4:26 am

    I think I actually saw them walking out of Valley Creek Mall from the bookstore. Didnt want to be a crazy stalker.

    • mirandatap1 June 11, 2017 / 11:40 am

      Ohhh, would have been so nice to say hi!!!! Next time!!

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