And so the Adventure Starts…

After a very busy weekend with the wedding of Felicity and Tim, the day has

finally arrived.. The little cat is brought to the cattery and our neighbour Jo has been asked to take care of the other one.. The taxi arrives and our 5 suitcases are loaded into the car… All our other possessions have moved already 2 weeks ago.. the 5 suitcases are the result of the left over items to pack and those food items we might otherwise miss so much while in the US.

We checked in and spoilt ourselves in the Sky lounge, before the actual plane took off….. Destination Twin Cities in Minnesota. Customs is a blur and before we know it we are in the hotel for the night before we get the key to our new apartment. A quick bite to eat and a restful short night later and the actual day has started.. today is the day!!!!

The guide takes Miranda to her car for a year, and after some instructions, the keys to the apartment are handed over. Spring Street, St Paul.. here we come…..

Everything is taken care of… from a laundry basket to groceries to a crockpot…. its all there, all we need to do is move in… Unfortunately the style is a little 70s, so activity number 1 is to remove the paintings from the wall and put these in storage. A quick declutter of Melody’s room and we are off.. buying cushions, flowers, cupboards, coffee table etc. After a day or 3, the apartment starts to feel like home .. If only we could figure out how to use the garbage disposal!

Then our real experience begins… on Sunday Melody and Miranda walk to the farmers market in St Paul and buy the first veggies of the season: rhubarb and bean sprouts. We feel very accomplished and American!

Let the work week begin!

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